Tips on How to Install a Sliding Barn Door Kit

Sliding Barn Door Kit White Barn Door on Loft 2 HardwareSliding barn doors are usually preferred by many farmers because they make it easy for one to access the barn regardless of the weather.

The doors can also be left as open or closed as you need them to be. Other than being used on the outside, the doors can also be used in the interior spaces where they are used as an alternative to separators and traditional doors.

When you buy the sliding barn door kit, you should read the instruction sheets that always accompanies them.

The kit will guide you on how to properly install and take good care of your door. If you want to learn how to install your sliding barn door kit, here are the steps you should follow:

The first thing that you should do is to measure and cut two lengths of the mounting board for each of the doors. The boards that you cut should be the same length as the doors and two inches wider than the track.

Once you have cut the boards you should attach the mounting boards to the top and bottom of the doorway. You ensure that the mounting boards run straight along the doorway.

You should then measure and cut two lengths of track for each of the barn doors and then use joint brackets to attached the required track sections. You should ensure that the the tracks are the same length as the section along which you want the barn door to slide.

If installing two sling doors, you should ensure that the tracks are twice as wide as each of the doors so that you are able to slide them together on one track. If you are installing one door, the track should be the same width as the door. You may need two sliding barn door kits.

When placing the brackets, you should ensure that they occur every 6 inches and they are located in the middle of the track. If attaching the track to softer or weaker material, you should measure more holes.

You should then drill holes into the sliding door tracks and mounting boards then use spacers and bolts to attach the two together. All items are shipped in the kit.

By reading the instruction kit, you should be able to securely hang rollers in the right places. You should also be able to attach any washers and bolts then mount the doors.

Once the barn doors are in place you should test them by sliding them back and forth several times. You should ensure that the mounting boards and tracks are secure and the doors don’t wobble on their path. Don’t forget that Sliding Barn Door Kit also offers a variety of accessories for our wood and glass door kits.

Barn Door Kits and Sliding Walls Help You Achieve a More Flexible Space

Sliding Barn Door Kit Manhattan Sliding Door Kit BedroomYou can use large sliding barn doors to allow you to divide open areas, close off rooms and cover up entrances to cupboards or hide messy areas inside your home.

As older more mature people that grew up in old century Craftsman homes it was often taken for granted that everything inside the home was well-made, solid furniture and fixtures such as solid wood pocket doors. They used to be used more like a sliding wall, slid across to divide the living room from the dining room or to create a quite area for the kid to play while the grownups told stories and played cards late into the night. It isn’t just the old Craftsman home that featured these beautiful sliding doors and walls. All around the world different homes and different cultures all utilize sliding walls and barn doors to create more space and features inside their homes.

Many Victorian or Craftsman homes still feature these original pocket doors and solid sliding barn doors. They are extremely useful if you have a combined dining room, living room and kitchen and would like to be able to slide them across to create quiet and private areas, yet still be able to open them up when you like to. When you have the doors, open you have larger doorways, almost double the width of a standard doorway, which allows people to move around the house freely. Due to the solid construction of pocket doors which are usually made from completely solid wood they make excellent sound barriers inside your home. Now the grownups can relax and have a coffee in peace while all the kids can run around in the room right next door.

With the right sliding door hardware, you can create your own barn door inside your home for much less than traditional pocket or sliding walls cost.

To compliment the barn door hardware, we offer genuine leather pulls that match the finish of your kit.

Some of the Most Ideal Place to Utilize Sliding Barn Doors Inside Your Home

Sliding Barn Door Kit Classic Top Mount for Bathroom DoorIf you stay up-to-date with fashion and style you are already aware of the sliding barn door taking the architecture world by storm, in the following article we will discuss some of the perfect places for you to use sliding barn doors inside your house, apartment, unit or loft.

Often when it comes to our bedrooms, we don’t all have huge rooms, modern living arrangements and cost of living determines just how much space we can have inside our homes. By the time you put a large bed into even a large bedroom you have effectively used up most of the available space. Traditional doors open inwards, which means you have to allow for all of that door swing space. By eliminating the swinging door and installing a sliding barn door, you gain back all of that wasted space.

Another perfect place to install sliding barn doors inside your home is in your walk in wardrobe. We all love them, but sometimes the door and space needed to swing it open or shut either cuts down the available space or forces us to block access while you are trying to try on clothes.

Any room such as a dining room or living space often feature large openings; these are great for opening up spaces, but often trying to find a way to close these openings is a complete nightmare! Rolling or sliding barn doors are the best solution, they allow you to have the space open without having ugly or awkward swinging doors that take up a lot of valuable floor space. The great thing about sliding barn doors is that you can build them to fit any space large or small and also in a modern or rustic style to suit any home.

Sliding Barn Door Kit has a full-line of accessories to compliment any of our barn door kit styles.

Modern Design Is Embracing Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Door Kit Skyline 2 in Living RoomIf you have been looking for a way to add a touch of style and flair to your home but not having any luck, then you need to consider installing a sliding barn door into your home.

Interior sliding or rolling barn doors are increasingly becoming more and more a regular feature in modern home designs. The great thing about them is that often they are built by salvaging or reclaiming old rustic wood, giving every set a unique and custom appearance. Sliding barn doors are becoming the staple feature of every interior designer’s perfect home décor piece, practical yet appealing giving the homeowner a useful sliding door while also creating a talking piece inside the room. Great style that just can’t be matched by either a swinging door or a set of French doors.

Providing interiors with a beautiful feature is just one of the benefits of interior sliding doors. They also a very cost effective solution to closing off hard entrances and doorways. If you were interested in a sliding barn door, you can purchase the barn door hardware kits and turn the entire thing into a DIY project. If you look around your local auctions and second-hand shops, even lumber yards you can often find the perfect wood or material to use with your sliding barn door hardware. Once the perfect doors has been obtained, add a touch of elegance to the door with our genuine leather pulls.

When you combine the right sliding barn door with the perfect barn door sliding hardware you really do create a unique and visually attractive entrance to any room or area inside your home. If you are looking to create a modern look inside your home and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then a sliding or rolling barn door project could be the perfect way to achieve it.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood for Use as a Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door Kit Reserve Style with Horseshoe Design When it comes to sliding barn doors the only thing that limits you is your own imagination, with the right sliding barn door hardware you can create incredible sliding doors inside your own home!

Sliding barn doors are becoming increasingly popular as a way to not only solve problems with difficult doorways but also as a unique and creative way to make ugly doorways into features inside homes. Traditional sliding barn doors are large, rustic wooden doors with dedicated iron sliding door hardware, but inside your home, you can come up with whichever style suits you.

Reclaiming old wood from salvaged buildings and furniture is one way to create your sliding barn door. You just need to purchase the right type of sliding barn door kit to go with your home’s style. The great thing about creating and making your own sliding barn doors with reclaimed wood or furniture is that ultimately you can create doors that are either as large or small as you need.

There are some fantastic places where you can look for rustic wood to create your sliding barn door. You can take a drive around in the countryside looking at actual barns that may be decrepit and approach the owners to purchase some of the old wood. Other places to source weathered wood may be auctions, antique stores, lumber yards or even old timber mills that may not be as commercially active as they used to be. Old antique swinging doors can easily be restored and reused as sliding doors. The only thing that is limiting you is your own creativity. With the right reclaimed wood and the correct sliding barn door hardware, you can start creating your own feature sliding barn door inside your home sooner than later. Once you have found the perfect wooden door, consider further enhancing the look of your door with our many accessories.