Rustic Reclaimed Wood for Use as a Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door Kit Reserve Style with Horseshoe Design When it comes to sliding barn doors the only thing that limits you is your own imagination, with the right sliding barn door hardware you can create incredible sliding doors inside your own home!

Sliding barn doors are becoming increasingly popular as a way to not only solve problems with difficult doorways but also as a unique and creative way to make ugly doorways into features inside homes. Traditional sliding barn doors are large, rustic wooden doors with dedicated iron sliding door hardware, but inside your home, you can come up with whichever style suits you.

Reclaiming old wood from salvaged buildings and furniture is one way to create your sliding barn door. You just need to purchase the right type of sliding barn door kit to go with your home’s style. The great thing about creating and making your own sliding barn doors with reclaimed wood or furniture is that ultimately you can create doors that are either as large or small as you need.

There are some fantastic places where you can look for rustic wood to create your sliding barn door. You can take a drive around in the countryside looking at actual barns that may be decrepit and approach the owners to purchase some of the old wood. Other places to source weathered wood may be auctions, antique stores, lumber yards or even old timber mills that may not be as commercially active as they used to be. Old antique swinging doors can easily be restored and reused as sliding doors. The only thing that is limiting you is your own creativity. With the right reclaimed wood and the correct sliding barn door hardware, you can start creating your own feature sliding barn door inside your home sooner than later. Once you have found the perfect wooden door, consider further enhancing the look of your door with our many accessories.

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