Barn Door Kits and Sliding Walls Help You Achieve a More Flexible Space

Sliding Barn Door Kit Manhattan Sliding Door Kit BedroomYou can use large sliding barn doors to allow you to divide open areas, close off rooms and cover up entrances to cupboards or hide messy areas inside your home.

As older more mature people that grew up in old century Craftsman homes it was often taken for granted that everything inside the home was well-made, solid furniture and fixtures such as solid wood pocket doors. They used to be used more like a sliding wall, slid across to divide the living room from the dining room or to create a quite area for the kid to play while the grownups told stories and played cards late into the night. It isn’t just the old Craftsman home that featured these beautiful sliding doors and walls. All around the world different homes and different cultures all utilize sliding walls and barn doors to create more space and features inside their homes.

Many Victorian or Craftsman homes still feature these original pocket doors and solid sliding barn doors. They are extremely useful if you have a combined dining room, living room and kitchen and would like to be able to slide them across to create quiet and private areas, yet still be able to open them up when you like to. When you have the doors, open you have larger doorways, almost double the width of a standard doorway, which allows people to move around the house freely. Due to the solid construction of pocket doors which are usually made from completely solid wood they make excellent sound barriers inside your home. Now the grownups can relax and have a coffee in peace while all the kids can run around in the room right next door.

With the right sliding door hardware, you can create your own barn door inside your home for much less than traditional pocket or sliding walls cost.

To compliment the barn door hardware, we offer genuine leather pulls that match the finish of your kit.

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